The future of radio

Personalized Listening Experience on Demand (Behind the Scenes)

AI promises to revolutionize radio by offering personalized content and streamlining operations. However, this technological embrace raises concerns regarding the authenticity and bias of AI-generated content.

An Individual for Customizability

Each of these fictional people is based on the identical patterns and characteristics of a real starting person, ensuring remarkable consistency in the simulated interaction patterns.

Monte Nero Productions GmbH

2D to 3D

Generation of three-dimensional replicas of real people through a synergistic application of photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning techniques. A high degree of realism was achieved through the accurate reproduction of material textures and the texture of surfaces, complemented by a lifelike light simulation.

Monte Nero Productions GmbH

A "DNA" as a Constant for Voice and Expression

The uniqueness of this approach is manifested in the fact that the entire performance (dynamics of movement and expression) as well as the vocal characteristics of all these mutations were derived or mutated from a single real person. This base served for further enrichment and personalization of the virtual characters.

Monte Nero Productions GmbH

The sound was also artificially mutated through AI according to the people to give the different faces the appropriate tone.

Monte Nero Productions GmbH

Motion Capture via AI

Advanced motion capture methods enabled the precise extraction and transfer of the facial expressions of this person to the 3D models, using widely available smartphone technology.

Artificial intelligence algorithms were specifically used to expand the mimetic subtleties, with particular emphasis on minimizing the so-called "Uncanny Valley" effect – a reaction of eeriness towards almost, but not completely human-like figures.

Monte Nero Productions GmbH

This question arises, as all too often in the media landscape: Who is really speaking to me?

*Translated by Chat GPT

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