Room 4

Hello – “Who” is speaking from the box?

The elves in the radio 

Is there a small man or small woman sitting in the radio who is talking to us? And how can they be so small that they fit in the device? Or are they maybe friends of Knorzel that we hear? So many questions… Have a look in the peephole in the big radio and discover who is talking to you.

Private radio

The country needs a new broadcaster
The monopoly comes to an end

In Austria, private broadcasting stations were not allowed for a long time. The situation changed due to a decision of the European High Court. According to this judgement, Austria with its broadcasting monopoly is in violation of the freedom of information. As a result, in 1998, 15 private radio stations began broadcasting. 

radio AGORA 105 I 5 - free radio

experience radio

radio AGORA 105 I 5 is the only free radio in Carinthia. Without ads, varied and with a potpourri of topics, languages and music. For the Slovene ethnic group in Carinthia and southern Styria, there are programmes in the Slovenian language in cooperation with the ORF. AGORA also invites interested people of all age groups, gender, social levels and ethnic backgrounds to actively participate in creating radio broadcasts. Also school classes are sincerely welcome. 

Antenne Kärnten

My Hits. My Carinthia.

On May 5, 1998 at exactly 5:55 am Antenna Kärnten, as the first private radio station in Carinthia, went on air with the song “The Sound of Music” by Falco. Since then, the “Yellows” have been the number one daily accompaniment. With the best hits, Austrian and Carinthia news always 5 minutes earlier, and exciting events as well as traffic and traffic control updates every quarter of an hour. Thanks to the various reception possibilities via UKW, web, app, smart speakers and soon on DAB+ Antenna Carinthia is everywhere all the time: Regionality to go! 

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