Carinthia’s First Radio Station

Network “Alpenland" – Carinthia

During World War II, the Gauleiter Friedrich Rainer used the air raid shelter as his command post. From here, his speeches and other messages were sent via wire broadcasting. After the war, the British took over the undamaged broadcasting station. Carinthia and Styria became the network “Alpenland”.

Rock Studio Kreuzbergl

1945 Network “Alpenland" – Carinthia

The transmitting station in the tunnel at the Kreuzbichl remained in British hands for three years. The personell were allowed wide latitude in program design. Important information was transmitted in three programs each a half-hour long. Soon music programs, radio drama and discussion rounds were produced in the shelter.

Broadcasting Center Klagenfurt

1953 The New Broadcasting Center

In 1953, the new Carinthian broadcasting center was opened in Klagenfurt. Among the numerous invited guests were the Administrator of Public Broadcasting Dr. Guggenberger, the Minister of Transportation Karl Waldbrunner and the Governor Ferdinand Wedenig. The director, Peter Goritschnig, developed the motto: Reporting from the land for the land.

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