The architecture of CARINTHIja 2020

Mobile | Moving | Interactive


The architecture of CARINTHIja 2020

CarinthiJa 2020 | Moved exhibition

Two thousand and twenty.

Looking back on a hundred years.
The closer to the present, the clearer the view.
It manifests itself.
Becomes a state – an actual state.
But how does this view come into being?
Who brings it into being?
Who describes it?
Who writes it?
The exhibition for the anniversary is a mobile one.
It moves.
Not only from one place to another.
It moves itself.
Is moveable.
The pavilion accompanies the visitor.
The display cases move.
Actually: The visitors move the display cases.
Not only passive observers of history – they are makers.
Open spaces of time by moving.
Immerse themselves. Alter again.
They step into the events. They are contributors, collaborators, co-culprits.
First observers, then initiators.
The role they have always had.
History is not observation, it is the result of each individual's choices.
This is what the exhibition wants to show.
This is why it is mobile.
Like the past hundred years.
Roland Winkler, May 2020

Architect Roland Winkler
Architect Roland Winkler winkler+ruck architekten
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