Carinthia quakes

even the Romans felt it!

The earth seems static to us, but in its interior there is continual movement. Tension develops that then eventually suddenly releases - the earth quakes! In Carinthia, we can feel that several times a year. Rarely however with serious consequences as in the earthquake of 1976 or that earthquake in Villach that triggered the massive landslide of the Dobratsch in 1348.

Also the inhabitants of the Roman city on the Magdalensberg (10-20 A.D.) and the provincial capital city Virunum on the Zollfeld (184-237 A.D.) felt the results of such natural catastrophes. Archeological finds point to the proof of surface destruction, stone inscriptions report on the repairs and re-building measures taken.

Discover in this special exhibition “Carinthia quakes” the de-ciphering of historical earthquakes from the Age of the Romans up to the Middle Ages. Interactive stations highlight the geological background and give insight into the most devastating earthquakes world-wide of the last months.

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